Sofiane Zouggar (b.1982), based in France, is a multimedia artist who graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Algiers . His work is the result of complex research processes nurtured by close work with public and private archive collections. For his projects, which usually span across years, he uses different mediums such as photography, video and drawing. With this multidisciplinary approach, he tackles issues pertaining to collective memory, offering nuanced narratives through the lenses of research and art.


He has participated in several exhibitions including Dak’Art 2012 Biennale in Dakar, Senegal; the World Event Young Artists in Nottingham, UK ; Picturie Générale in Algiers, Algeria ; the « The MoMRtA »  (The Museum Of Manufactured Response To Absence) at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - MAMA in Algiers, Algeria ; The Algerian Pavilion at the Dak’Art 2014 Biennale in Dakar, Senegal ;Festival National de la Photographie d’Art (FESPA), La condition humaine, Algiers; the Qalandiya international Biennial in Ramallah, Palestine ; Pan-African video art festival Boda Boda Lounge, Algiers. And in June 2017 at Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, "Chinafrika,under-construction". And March Project exhibition Commissioned by Sharjah Foundation in October 2017. And recently in February 2018 "Rasm" exhibition at the the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - MAMA in Algiers.

The Wallach Art Gallery/Columbia University, New York, 2019,Waiting for Omar Gatlato: A Survey of Algerian Contemporary Art.

Tabakalera ,Donostia-San Sebastian, 2019,Exhibition, On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors.2024 "Ces voix qui m'assiègent..." Cité internationale des arts de Paris, France.